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Why do we need wind posts in bi-folding door openings?

Updated: Jan 28

Wind posts (also spelled "windposts") are specially designed lengths of steel designed to provide lateral support to walls of block and brickwork in typical extensions. They are supplied with brick ties which enable them to be fixed into cavities with ease making walls much stronger.

Wind posts are always needed when designing large openings.
Wind posts and why do we need them?

Wind posts would be used for example in the cavities of the walls used either side of bi-fold or concertina type doors so that the entire end of the building can glazed without the need for wide masonry returns on either side of the doors. This enables a much wider opening to be achieved.

Connection details for wind post fabrication installation.
Connection details for wind posts on large openings.

Wind posts are typically made from stainless steel or galvanised steel, and are manufactured to order so that they fit perfectly. Holes in the sides of the wind posts are pre-cut so that the wind posts can be tied into the walls, and a wide range of base and head fixings are available to suit all requirements - e.g. for bolting to a steel lintel at the top and bolting to concrete footings at the base.

Wind post location detail on plan within the cavity wall
Wind post location within the cavity wall

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