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Most households have the ability to use the Permitted development rights that exist on their property meaning that no planning permission is needed. Loft Conversions fall within that area of allowed alteration. Changing the roof makeup will benefit from freeing up all the potential space on an upper level giving your an extra Bedroom or even Two with an en-suite, this Article will explain all the benefits of going for a Loft Conversion first other than choosing an Extension on the ground floor or first floor. 

What are all the BENEFITS of creating a potential LOFT CONVERSION to my Property?

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Loft Space

Discover the untapped possibilities within your loft space, free from spiderwebs and forgotten toys. Imagine transforming it into an additional room or even multiple rooms, depending on your attic's size. By adding an extra level to your home, you can breathe new life into an overlooked area that was once filled with nothing but dust.

As families grow and house prices soar, more and more people prefer improving their existing homes rather than enduring the hassle of moving. Whether you're considering updating your kitchen, extending your home, or converting your loft into a usable space, we understand the daunting nature of these endeavors.

Southgate attic room.jpg

From this unused dusty space


To this Bespoke Modern Loft room with En-suite

At DISCOUNT PLANS LTD, we've gathered a few helpful points to consider when contemplating a Loft Conversion Alteration on a house.


1. Expand Your Living Space
An additional room can be immensely beneficial for expanding families or growing children in need of their own space. Lack of space is often the main reason homeowners consider moving. However, the potential to expand upwards into an unused loft space can easily negate that need.

Compared to alternatives like extensions or conservatories, loft conversions are relatively quick and straightforward, often requiring minimal planning permission. The greatest advantage is that you already have the space within your home; it's simply underutilized. Additionally, converting your loft doesn't encroach on external areas or force you to sacrifice your precious garden space.

2. Streamlined Planning Process
This brings us to our second point: planning permission. Home extensions typically require planning permission and neighbor consent, which can be time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, loft conversions rarely need planning permission, except in cases where significant changes to your home's appearance are required or if you live in a listed building or a conservation area.


By opting for a loft conversion, you can bypass the lengthy planning permission process, saving both time and money.


3. Increase the Value of Your Home
A loft conversion not only increases your living space but also enhances your home's value. Should you decide to sell in the future, you may discover that the loft conversion has added a significant 20% to your property's value, making it a sound investment.

In a highly competitive property market, potential buyers are constantly seeking additional features that provide the "wow" factor. A loft conversion becomes an enticing selling point, appealing to a wide range of prospective buyers and encouraging them to view your property.


4. Energy Efficiency
Surprisingly, loft conversions offer energy efficiency benefits. A loft space with large windows, for example, allows natural lighting to permeate far longer than in regular rooms. Unlike typical spaces, light in the attic rooms is not blocked by external influences, even on gloomy winter days.

With proper insulation on the roof, the loft conversion retains hot air, preventing its escape during winter months and reducing heat infiltration in the summer. This results in a well-regulated temperature, making the attic room cooler than the current loft space during hot summer days.


5. Enjoy a New View
In densely built-up areas, our views are often obstructed by neighboring houses or buildings, depriving us of clear vistas of the countryside or the sea. However, loft conversions with large windows offer an opportunity to enjoy unobstructed views above existing properties. You can even indulge in stargazing through your newly fitted loft windows, experiencing the night sky from the comfort of your own home.


6. Tailored to Your Style
With numerous options available for loft conversions, we're confident that you'll find a design that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you prefer dormer windows, Velux, or require a hip-to-gable conversion due to the size of your roof space, we can accommodate all your preferences.


Discover the Perfect Transformation
Imagine your new room transformed into a luxurious bedroom with a private ensuite, a vibrant playroom for your little ones, or a productive office space tailored to your professional needs. Whatever purpose you envision for your space, rest assured that we will collaborate closely with you to ensure a seamless fit that surpasses your expectations.

In Summary
When it comes to creating additional space without encroaching on your current property, a loft conversion is the ultimate solution. With minimal time and effort, this ingenious renovation allows you to divide the area into a versatile and functional space or customize it to fulfill a specific room requirement.

Opting for a loft conversion not only minimizes the inconvenience and expenses associated with moving houses but also presents an excellent opportunity to declutter and potentially unearth some forgotten treasures concealed within the attic.

Curious to learn more about the possibilities of transforming your loft space?


Feel free to reach out to our warm and knowledgeable staff today at 07838135957 for a complimentary and obligation-free quote.

2 Bedroom Bungalow - Woodford - Redbridge Borough

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Remember that if you are choosing more than one design you will be offered a further discount on any other second design.

We will not be beaten on price and if we are we will offer you a price match service in design* subject to agreement.

Please note that you will require structural calculations if any steel beams are designed within your scope of works, this will be charged separately to the engineer.


I hope you found this article useful for your proposed loft conversion proposal, join1000s of other satisfied customers whom we have helped design to their tailored layout.  

Regards John.



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