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Where are my calculations?

Updated: Jan 28

Good question! Have you paid for them? Have you paid the engineer for all of the #alterations that you have decided to carry out on your property?

We at #DiscountPlans provide home owners, property developers and first-time buyers with designs to improve their home by alterations or extending. Our #drawings contain building regulation design work including specification for materials only, meaning that structural calculations are not included.

The drawings are then submitted to the local authorities for planning approval. Once approved by the local planning department, the drawings are then submitted to building control. Building control will then approve all design works carried out by any architect.

Only when alterations are needed, a structural engineer has to be employed to provide structural calculations for any changes to existing structural elements. 80% of home owners know this, however, the remaining 20% of them think that an architect should provide #calculations as part of the design.

This is not the case and has never been the case as the architect only deals with the visual look and requirements of layout that the client/home owner requires.

The cost of an engineer's role depends on the works involved. For example, it would be charged like a pay as you go service. One wall removed? One beam needed? £100. Two walls taken out? £200. The more you take out and alter your property to the way you want and the more steel beams that are needed being designed by the engineer, obviously the engineer needs to be paid by his works. No engineer works for free!

If you need a quotation from a recommended engineer that we use on a daily basis, feel free to contact us where we will give you a service that will not be beaten on price, professionalism and most importantly in record timing. Our engineers can provide all insurances on request.

Structural Engineering Calculations Services
Structural Engineering Services

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