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DPL uses an experienced ADMINISTRATION department that will help you with the whole submission process. The whole registration process can be quite daunting getting all the correct paperwork in place. The hired Admin. team will assure that all mandatory documents are filled in such as CIL forms, Application forms, and all drawings to the correct scaling, Block & Site Location Plans are uploaded. (as these are the requirements of the council). Let Admin. take the work off your hands as it is a specialized field and any missing will delay the process.

DPL uses an ADMIN. department to register all applications on your behalf if you need help with this field. Each application takes around an hour and a half to put together. Admin. Prepare all the necessary documents needed for each application being set off saving you time in getting it right the first time around. The Administration team make

sure the correct application is sent off and

save you the headache of dealing with

the council for a small fee of £110+vat. The

following is prepared on each submission:

  • BLOCK PLAN - Scale: 1:500

  • SITE LOCATION PLAN - Scale: 1:1250






The whole process of the submission takes

approx. 2 to 3 working days and confirmation

by email is sent to you confirming that all have

been submitted successfully via the planning portal. Payment instructions are then emailed over to you for you to make the necessary payment to the council. The council will then validate the application in their own time frames which is usually within 10 working days. If in the event the council request further documentation then the applicant will be informed to prepare this. Depending on what further material is needed which is requested by the case officer at any given time such as heritage statements, fire strategy statements, arboricultural reports, bat surveys we at DISCOUNT PLANS will recommend to you a specialist company that will prepare these documents for you at competitive rates to be submitted to the council for validation. 

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Using the PLANNING PORTAL is the easiest way of submitting your application over to the council. The Portal itself puts together a summary of what documents are needed for your particular council. once all mandatory documents are downloaded then the Portal transfers all information with uploaded files to the council's planning department for validation. This is done all online at a click of a button saving you a considerable amount of time not like the old days of sending 5x drawings over to the council by post.


Do not fall for Builders giving you Advice that the build does not need planning permission. Our motto is that any drawing proposal created needs planning consent, either if it's in a form of registration to the Planning Department to obtain planning consent or by applying for a certificate of lawfulness it's the same principle in getting the council to CHECK - APPROVE the design in question. The Builder have no knowledge in the history of your house the planners do. The Builder have no knowledge of planning Law the planners do. For a small fee of £103, the council will examine the proposal and carry out all background checks on the property, if the design is deemed to have any errors the council address the issues for an opportunity to amend drawings to the interpretation to their satisfaction. Remember the Permitted development rights for householders can be interpreted differently from any one of the 32 Boroughs in London or surrounding counties within Herts, Essex, Surrey, and Kent so for that peace of mind under no hesitation a submission is essential as a negative outcome after a build has taken place without the correct certification is in place, any breach in planning control will create significant financial losses to put right. Taking short cuts are not worth the stress and financial losses which can occur if the misfortune would arise. Builders that book in start dates without the necessary approval notices in place is in our opinion not looking after the interests of their clients, it is a show of capture the job grab the money attitude. If however the homeowner has been informed from the beginning of the project by the building company of all the potential risks involved in starting the build without planning permission or PD then the responsibility will be left solely with the homeowner.

Why 100% of all our Clients opt-in for a Certificate of Lawfulness registration

Applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness in the context of a proposed Loft Conversion or Extension project is a legal process that helps ensure your building work complies with relevant planning regulations and laws. This certificate serves as an official confirmation that the proposed construction falls within permitted development rights or is otherwise lawful. There are several reasons why applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness is necessary, along with the dangers of proceeding without one:

Reasons and Benefits of Applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness:

1. Legal Clarity: Obtaining a Certificate of Lawfulness provides legal clarity and confirmation that your building work is lawful and complies with planning regulations. This can prevent potential disputes and legal challenges in the future.

2. Property Valuation: A property with official documentation certifying its lawful status is likely to have a higher valuation compared to a property with uncertain or potentially illegal alterations.

3. Selling the Property: When you decide to sell your property, having a Certificate of Lawfulness can assure potential buyers that the modifications were done in accordance with the law, making your property more attractive and easier to sell.

4. Mortgage and Insurance: Lenders and insurance companies may require evidence of lawful construction before providing a mortgage or insurance coverage, especially if the property's value has changed due to the extension or conversion.

5. Planning Authorities: Having a certificate can strengthen your relationship with local planning authorities, as it shows that you are committed to adhering to regulations and responsible development.

Dangers of Building Without a Certificate of Lawfulness:

1. Legal Consequences: If you proceed with a loft conversion or extension project without obtaining the necessary certificate, you could face legal action from local authorities, including enforcement notices requiring you to undo the construction or obtain retrospective planning permission.

2. Financial Penalties: Ignoring planning regulations can lead to financial penalties, fines, and legal fees. You may also be required to pay to restore your property to its original state if you're forced to reverse the unauthorized construction.

3. Future Sale Difficulties: When selling your property, potential buyers and their solicitors will likely perform due diligence. If they discover unauthorized construction, they may back out of the deal or negotiate a lower price to account for the potential legal issues.

4. Neighborhood Conflicts: Unauthorized construction can lead to disputes with neighbours who may be impacted by the changes, potentially resulting in complaints to local authorities.

5. Limited Legal Protection: Without a Certificate of Lawfulness, you have limited legal protection against claims that your property violates planning regulations. This leaves you vulnerable to legal actions from both local authorities and affected neighbours.

6. Difficulty in Insuring and Financing: Insurance companies and mortgage lenders may be hesitant to provide coverage or financing for a property with unapproved modifications, creating financial and practical challenges.

In summary, applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness is crucial to ensure that your loft conversion or extension project is legally compliant and to avoid the potential risks, legal consequences, and financial burdens associated with unauthorized construction. It provides peace of mind and adds value to your property by establishing its lawful status.



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