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Below are a few articles based on the most common questions we receive from Clients, Click on the following articles to be located and gain some knowledge in that particular raised subject. We try to keep the information updated regularly if in doubt feel free to call our team


Lofts & Double Storey Extensions

Thinking about building a Loft Conversion and a Double Storey Side Extension? Think AGAIN


Foundation Pad & Beam Drainage Clash

Your Proposed Foundation is Clashing with your Underground drainage, here's the solution

rules and regulations marked on rubber stamp.jpg

SPD Rules Vs PD Rules for Loft Conversions 

Comparing SPD Rules to Permitted Development Rules which route to take?


Can I Remove my Chimney

in the Attic Space?

Removing Chimneys can be very costly and doing it the right way is essential for getting a signoff.

section drawing.JPG

New 200mm set in for PD applications within WFDC 

A word of warning when dealing with Waltham Forest District Council when designing Lofts.

windpost design within cavity wall.JPG

Windposts needed fro Bi-Folding Door Openings

Wind-posts are always needed when constructing large openings this has always been the case.  


Loft Conversion Designs in Flats Explained

Flats are not covered under GPDO rules, smaller dormers are only permitted under SPD guide.

Credit Assessment

Architects Fees £2500+VAT, is this Reasonable?

Architects fees are so expensive compared to DISCOUNT PLANS drawings, we are shocked.

box frame discount plans.jpg

Can I use One Beam instead of a BOX FRAME Design?

No! BOX frames have always been the design preference in large openings, don't be fooled.

party wall.jpg

When to Hire a Party Wall Surveyor Explained

Extensions and Loft Conversions usually need a Party Wall Surveyor to serve the initial notices out.

chimney support gallows bracket.png

Gallows Bracket Vs a Beam to Support the Chimney 

Gallows Brackets are suitable for chimney supports, the building control inspectors will agree.


Your Local Boroughs SPD guidance to Follow

SPD design guidance booklets are published by the council for a guide to follow.