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Just Property planning is a planning consultancy founded by Justin Reid.

Planning can be complicated and we seek to give your project the best chances of success. We have the experience and knowledge to navigate any hurdles which may arise.

If in the event you are not happy with the final decision of your application made by the council's planning department or if you have been issued with an enforcement notice we can recommend experts in this field to assist you on all matters. It does happen from time to time if you have decided to build without obtaining the necessary Lawful development certificates or planning permission.


The most common scenario is "TIME" the HOMEOWNER is inpatient and does not

want to wait for the 8-week process for his/her application to be decided. The other

reason is MONEY The homeowner does not want to spend a small price of £103

for a Certificate of Lawfulness application or pay £206 for a planning application,

which is a reasonable price for the work involved. Some clients which decide not to

take on the advice given rely on the drawings to be 100% proof, they assume that

it will be the Architects responsibility if anything goes wrong, this is not the case as

no design is 100% proof until approved by the local planning authority. The Designer,

The Planning Consultant or Architect always advises the client on getting any proposal approved and if the Client ignores this then it will always lie with the Homeowners responsibility for any financial loss or to deal with any enforcement action matters by themselves (which can be very costly). At DPL we have mandates/contracts in place to make it clear that all design works created by DPL need checking and approval, our customers are always made aware of the risks involved in building without Planning or obtaining Lawful Development Certificates for the proposed development. All DPL material and design works must be checked and have documentation of approval before any works start on-site or purchase of materials. This is essential, it's like the school teacher checking the students work.

No Architect, Designer would want any issues to arise on someones else's project being carried out on their own home. The Architect, Designer would never take any risk in something that could lead to a potential claim being made against them so when the client decides to take action in his own hands the client should expect that he/she will be on their own in dealing with the consequences.

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  • Appeal Statements
  • Supporting Planning Statements
  • Planning Advice
  • Access & Design Statements
  • Planning Enforcement

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your planning application, you have the right to appeal the Councils decision to an independent body.  Justin and his team have experience working in several local authorities and have sound experience and knowledge of how to interpret national, regional and local planning policies. This expertise allows the opinion of the Council to be challenged robustly. We manage the whole process of the planning appeal, from the preparation of the appeal statement to the submission and management of the appeal. 

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