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The council require such statements when submitting applications. A design and access statement are a short-written report supporting and accompanying a planning application in certain circumstances. The statement provides a framework for applicants to explain how a proposed development is suitable for the site and its setting. An Access and design statement is required alongside planning applications for developments such as Flats or dwellings located in conservation areas or are listed buildings.

Access and design statements must explain the design principles and concepts that have been applied to the development in mind. It must also demonstrate how the proposed development’s context has influenced the design, explaining the applicant’s approach to access and how relevant Local Plan policies have been considered, any consultation undertaken in relation to access issues, and how the outcome of this consultation has informed the proposed development. Applicants must also explain how any specific issues which might affect access to the proposed development have been addressed


Design and Access Statements are required if you are in the following criteria’s:


1.    Flat or apartments

2.    Conservation area properties

3.    Listed buildings

4.    Properties which have had permitted

development rights removed. 


The statement is a short report that accompanies

and supports a planning application when

submitted to the local authority. The statement

illustrates the process that has led to the

development proposal and explains the design

in detail.


Design and Access statements help the

planners ensure those development proposals

are not based on just a quick submitted design but a has a thoughtful design process being made making a sustainable approach to access and design implementation. The statement is here to help us better understand the analysis which

has underpinned the design has been made, which in turn helps negotiations and decision-making and should lead to an improvement in the quality, sustainability and inclusiveness of the development, therefore.

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