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My Previous Architect charged me £1000 for basic drawings, I need now Building Regulations, Help!

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Why do high street Architects charge the world for basic drawings which are useless to use? Good question as we get the same storey over and over again. Clients should do their homework on work they are getting for there money. It sounds like the novice gets stung by the architectural company regularly as the home owner does not know better. only finding out after the plans have been approved by the council that new drawings are needed. then it goes either two ways. 1. the architect charges more money for new updated drawings milking more money from the client or the most common is 2. the architect cannot do the next stage building regulation drawings because they have no experience in creating these drawings. this then is a nightmare for the home owner as the drawings need to be created again from sketch. ouch! more money being spent. Call Discount Plans and they will give you a full building regulation pack in the beginning so no further drawings are needed.

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