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This is the extent of what you can do in just 2 weeks draughting time, we at DISCOUNT PLANS LIMITED put together two elements, a single storey rear extension and a loft conversion all ready for submission to the local council. A full building regulation design pack was approved and structural calculations where prepared in just two days.


Our inspired creations strive to create beautiful yet comfortable spaces for people to spend time in. We believe design can enhance landscapes, and this is the inspiration behind every single project DISCOUNT PLANS LTD takes on. Check out our most recent projects below, and give us a call if you’d like to learn more about upcoming work. This now is the completed project, photos and drawings are set out below. If you require this design from our team please feel free to contact us and we will guide you on what is possible. Please contact John Domenech on 07838135957 for a free quotation on your proposal and a free 20-minute consultation explaining the stages from start to finish, from planning to building control.​


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Case Study: Single Storey Front & Side Extension

Property Type: 3-bedroom end of terrace house

Aim: To extend front and side to create a larger entrance area, downstairs toilet and shower, personal gym and extended kitchen.

Martin B had previously contacted an architect who failed to deliver drawings after two months. Having found Discount Plans online, martin subsequently discovered that the neighbour (who was also his selected builder for the project) had used DISCOUNT PLANS LTD for his loft conversion and extension project the previous year. We contracted late in May 2019 DISCOUNT PLANS LTD to provide drawings for the extension. Martin commented. “After significant research, I chose Discount Plans Ltd as they had the breadth of experience that I was looking for. which gave me confidence that they would be able to deliver on time, having already wasted two months on another architect." We wanted to get the build underway before Winter set in and knew that planning permission was likely to take at least a couple of months. I was also concerned that we might have to make time-consuming alterations if the council did not agree with our plans.”

First visit:

A site visit was performed on XXXX, where measurements and pictures were taken of the existing layout. John XXX from Discount Plans sat down with the property owners to discuss their requirements, the process and potential obstacles that might be encountered along the way. The client was unaware of the various stage of the planning permission process or what was likely to be approved/unapproved. John cited examples of possible designs that were likely to be approved, also highlighting design elements that were unlikely to be successful.



A gutter must not run over the boundary of another property. If the gutter were to run on the outside of a wall you will lose approximately XXcm. By incorporating the gutter along the line of the wall you gain space and create a more streamlined view.

Martin was unsure as to how far they could extend to the front of the property. John noted that a rainwater drain at the front would limit the extension at the front, so an initial length of XXX was agreed. To maximise the space on the side of the property John suggested a [term for the guttering we have], allowing the exterior wall to run to the property’s boundary. As the side of the property backed onto another property’s rear garden that had a dilapidated fence, the neighbours were delighted that this would be replaced with a brick wall – not only providing a more pleasing aesthetic but also added security.

John concluded the meeting by summarising all of the requirements from the client’s perspective of the new build and explaining the next steps.


A lead time of two weeks was quoted for submission of first draft drawings, however Discount Plans submitted them within X days. Copies were emailed, allowing the client to inspect them immediately, with printed copies sent out by post. The plans comprised of fifteen pages, detailing the current property front, rear and side elevations, together with the proposed extension elevations. As drainage needed to run from the front of the property to the rear waste drain one drawing depicted the required drainage [needs correct technical language here!]. Martin noted; “I wasn’t really sure until we received the drawings that we could squeeze everything into the available space, but the plans showed everything clearly laid out – right down to the bathroom utensils.”


After reviewing the drawings, the client decided to maximise the property size by extending further at the front. John noted that due to the drain position they would need to discuss with Thames Water, possibly having to relocate the drain. He also advised on the maximum size that was likely to gain approval, which the customer accepted, adding XXXmm to the original plans. New drawings were provided within X days, which the customer immediately approved.

Drawing Submission to Council

Discount Plans can act as an agent, handling all of the communications with the council planning offices. The client chose to take advantage of this service so the submission was made on their behalf. [Need more information here from your side about the process.]

Building Control

As with any build, all construction work must be approved by authorised surveyors of building control. Discount Plans can pass approved drawings to surveyors who can monitor and approve the build at every stage, and recommended London Business Control (LBC) to the client. He accepted, and then after reviewing the design, London building Control approved the drawings issuing a plans check certificate.

Steel Beams

The extended kitchen included an archway which, at Xm wide, would require an RSJ (rolled steel joist) for supporting the (old) outer wall structure. Discount Plans offer structural engineering services, whereby qualified engineers can provide structural calculations and drawings for the builders to follow. Martin noted that the cost was significantly less than standalone structural engineer quotes; “Given that Discount Plans already had the overall extension design this could be passed to the structural engineers to calculate the required beam details, all of which was turned around in a couple of days.”

Council Planning Permission Approval

Discount Plans handled communications with the council and the project was approved mid-September 2019, exactly two months after submission. Building work commenced in early October.

Further advice



Add another tip somewhere else within the document.

During the build, the client had some further questions relating to the correct choice of materials for the sidewall. Discount Plans was able to clarify what should be used and the reasons behind the decision, based on years of experience of working with council planning departments. Martin added; “It was very reassuring to know that there was someone at the end of a phone or email that had a strong and detailed understanding of our project as well as the regulations that it would need to adhere to.”



The build was successfully completed in December 2019, with electrics and subsequent building control approval being sought the following month. Martin concluded; “When I started this project, other than an idea of what the finished build would look like cosmetically, I had no idea what would be involved – in terms of both the people that needed to be involved or the actual building process itself. Discount Plans not only talked me through the various stages, demystifying them but took ownership of all the officialdom. Now that the dust has settled it’s great to see the reality that Discount Plans were able to visualise six months ago.”

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