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Looking for an Exceptional Structural Calculation Service? 

Would you like a company to perform a structural calculation service for you? Are you looking to work with a company that has an in-house team that can perform a variety of different tasks for you? If the answer is yes, you need to look no further - here at Discount Plans, we can cater to any sized project. Why not get in touch with us now, to see what we can do for you?

If you have reached the stage, directly prior to the build, where you are in need of structural designs, it is now time to bring in Discount Plans. Our professional engineers are conceiving specialist designs on a daily basis - therefore, you know that we are well placed to carry out a structural calculation service. Whether you are needing a raft foundation design, a flitch beam design, or R.C. detailing, our team will ensure that you are provided with in-depth drawings within two-to-three days. To find out more information regarding our different structural calculation services, as well as obtaining a free quote, you can read our dedicated page here

Structural Calculation Service

We understand that when you are choosing a company that will provide you with a structural calculation service, you want an architectural design studio that will protect your investment, and give you value for money. We here at Discount Plans have numerous three-dimensional designs available for viewing on our website, to give you an insight into what you can expect from us.

When it comes to structural calculation services, you can be rest assured that Discount Plans is committed to bringing you the finest architectural service around. We want to create a bespoke experience for you, whereby all tedious aspects relating to administration and paperwork are taken care of by us. If you would like to start your journey with us, the only company that can offer you not only architectural technicians but also structural engineers and town planners, there are numerous avenues for you to go down to get in touch with us. 


For those of you that would like to write to us regarding any potential projects, you have the option of either submitting your details to us, via our contact form, or can email us at You can also have an informal discussion with one of our customer service representatives, and set up a free consultation with one of our specialists, by calling us on 07838 135957. 


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