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Planning Appeal Consultants

Do you need assistance from planning appeal consultants? Here at Discount Plans, we can guide you through the whole process of lodging a planning appeal in order to get your planning permission. With over 35 years of planning law behind us, we will get you the results you are looking for. 

On average we pass over 200 planning applications a year ranging from small front porches to large double story extensions and loft conversion developments. Our planning appeal consultants can tell you from the beginning if your proposal will pass or fail and we will be able to assist you in making any adjustments necessary. We understand the process and know the latest SPD, permitted development guidance set out to this years planning policy's written booklets.

Assistance for Planning Appeal Consultation

The council do not make it easy for us and will frequently reject plans but our team can then help you with an appeal. It’s not very well known but most planning appeals succeed and with our specialists quickly assessing your chances of a successful planning appeal you will know immediately how to proceed. Our planning appeal consultants will inform you whether you will be successful or whether another approach, such as an altered planning application, would be the best way to go. At Discount Plans we believe our high success rate is based on our knowledge of the planning system, planning law, and the local council's ability to defend their decision, we have also taken the time to learn the loopholes to get the results you want. 


Our planning appeal consultants can help you with all kinds of planning appeals and one of the most common that we deal with is appealing a householder planning decision. These planning applications cover small projects like extensions and loft conversions. Your local planning authority will make a decision about householder planning applications and you can then appeal a householder planning decision if you disagree with it. The process for a householder planning appeal is a different process to appealing a full planning decision. If you’re unsure what category your appeal comes under then our planning appeal consultants will be able to inform you.


It is important to get your appeal correct so to speak to one of our planning appeal consultants, contact us today. You can call us on 07838135957 and we will do all we can to assist you via the phone. We can also arrange a convenient time for you to visit our offices and we will gladly answer any questions you have in the meantime. 

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