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Loft Conversion Drawings

Are you considering having your loft converted and are looking for a company that can provide you with loft conversion drawings? Our team at Discount Plans have many years of experience providing unique drawings for our customers. Whatever your requirements may be, we are sure you will love the loft conversion drawings that we will provide.


Our planning design service provides applicants with a full set of drawings which they can present to the council to obtain planning permission for the proposed dream design. Our talented team has experience in providing double-storey extension, single-storey extension, garage conversion and loft conversion drawings, all of these home improvements need planning permission most of the time and our team will design your proposal in just 2 weeks. 

Drawings for Loft Conversions

Included in our planning services is a measured survey, full planning drawings, any amendments needs and also an agent service. The first step for any loft conversion drawings is a measured survey, this will be carried out by an experienced surveyor and a design brief is taken down of the proposal in mind. We can then provide you with advice on what can or cannot be achieved as we aim to get 100% passed results. We will then produce the initial drawings to you in the comfort of your own home allowing us to talk and walk you through the design. We will arrange a second meeting to go over the design for final approval and submission. Unfortunately, sometimes the drawings won’t be approved by the council and when working with Discount Plans if this happens we will deal with the council for you at no extra cost. Our team will deal with the communication with the case officers, our work isn’t complete until we get the approved results we are aiming for.


Once your loft conversion drawings have been approved by your local council we can also arrange for the work to be completed for you. By working with the same company the whole way through the project you know that we will fully understand the drawing and complete the work exactly how you want. We have an incredible master-builder who specialises in loft conversions and extensions for domestic houses so you can rest assured that the work will be industry-leading. 

If you would like Discount Plans to complete your loft conversion drawings contact us today. The drawings will be completed by our highly-skilled architectural draughtsman who has many years of experience designing extensions and loft conversions for planning and building control.  Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible to start the process.

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