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 Best Architectural Services 

Welcome to Discount Plans, a local architectural company that provides clients with some of the best architectural services in the industry. We have been assisting clients for over a decade now and we pride ourselves on being able to provide an all-round service. Our team is here to assist you from your initial enquiry right through to completion of your project. 


Our team are experts in their field and this along with our many years of experience is what allows us to provide you with the best architectural services. Our services include but aren’t limited to planning consulting, design and submission services, building regulation services, structural engineer services, planning appeal services and also building services.  No matter what services you are looking for and even if you can’t see them on our website please get in touch and we will see what we can do for you. 

Why Us For Your Architectural Services

Many people are unaware of the steps involved when having an extension or conversion carried out on your property. Our team will be able to talk you through the whole process and advise you of what you need to do. Right from the beginning, we will be able to tell you what is possible, we know the rules and if you let us know what you’re looking to do we can be realistic with you. At Discount Plans we can design your project for you and then help you with submitting the designs to your local council, we have worked with numerous councils over the years and we know how difficult they can be. We will do all we can to ensure that your plans get approved and with over 35 years of planning law behind us we will get you the results you are looking for, our team have learnt the loopholes to get you the results you want. 


We pride ourselves on our honest approach and this is what helps us provide the best architectural services possible. Over the past few years, we have also improved in price, quality of work and time of delivery to ensure the overall services we provide are to an industry-leading standard. We have expanded our team allowing us to help customers whatever their projects may be, large or small and we frequently have returning customers. We value customers loyalty to our company and, therefore, all existing customers get even better privileges than new clients. 


For more advice on your project and to use any of our best architectural services please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us on 07838135957 and we will gladly assist you further, our experienced team will be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with any information you require. We look forward to making your dream home improvement project a reality.

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