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Below are some of the most common questions we get asked so please please feel free to call the office where we have our staff ready to take your call and go over your design in detail.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need planning permission for my propsoed extension / loft conversion?

Most developments require planning permission or fit under permitted development.

Planning permission is usually sort if the property is a flat or if the house is in a conservation area then the planners will get involved in the design being put forward. We will tell you straight away if you need planning permission or not.

Planning law changes on a monthly basis so if you need up to date information on what will pass or fail please get in contact with us and we will help you on any question you ask.

Please call our team on 07838135957 for a FREE consultation on your proposal.

Is it possible to find out if planning permission will be approved before submitting?

The answer is no, it is not possible to predict the outcome of a planning applications being put forward to the council. Different planning officers have training on planning guidelines and do have an understanding of planning regulations, guideline and policy’s. However each case officer can interpret these differently from other colleagues and members of the planning team. So it is never consistent which is a pain for us and we know from experience what has been approved, but if the interpretation is given differently turning a assumed pass into a rejection can be very annoying. The council are aware of this and a pre-application meeting is usually essential in trying to get a clearer view from a particular planner which will be noted on record so when an application is submitted the same case offer will pick up the application and be more knowledgeable with the design being presented.

What is permitted development?

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How do I apply for a certificate of lawfulness?

If you require your proposed plans to be submitted to the council under a certificate of lawfulness we have Admin. to take care of the whole procedure. Submission takes around one hour to prepare all documents such as planning forms, block and site location plans. It can be tricky if you have not done it before and by leaving it with us to register will save you time in not having all documents in order.

Our Admin. department charge a one off charge of £85+vat for submission so if you need this service please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will take care of it.

What is the difference between planning drawings to building regulations?

PLANNING DRAWINGS are basic drawings for the planning department to use to see the overall view of the proposal in picture format. Elevations, Sections and Plans are drawn to indicate the proposal being made. All existing drawings are drawn at 1:100 scale and all proposed drawings are drawn to 1:50 scale all drawn by AUTOCAD 2018 software. Approx. 9 drawings are created to present to the council what your design is going to be. It takes the guys in the office 20+ hours to create such drawings. No detail is on the drawings so no builder can build from them or price you for the works in mind.

BUILDING REGULATION drawings are the technical drawings! They are the more detailed drawings fr builders to follow and price from. Not any architect can do these drawings as we have calls from clients saying their previous architect created the basis planning drawings and now find out the they are useless for the build stage, this can be very annoying as other architects do not come cheap and spending £1000+ for a set of planning drawings in my opinion is crazy. DPL charge on average £950+vat for a full BUILDING REGULATION design. The guys in the office spend 70+ hours to produce high quality drawings where all detail is included. FOUNDATION / DRAINAGE / STEEL BEAM AND COLOUMN POSITIONING / FULL SPECIFICATION OF MATERIALS / FIRE PROTECTION / SOUND INSULATION are all designed to the latest regulations.

Any third party company like THAMES WATER / PARTYWALL SURVEYORS / BUILDERS or BUILDING CONTROL can go by these drawings.

Are structural calculations included within my designs?

No, Architects do drawings and Engineers carry out the Structural designs based on your preferred layout. The engineer come up with a suitable design which involves creating steel fabrication fixing details and how everything is put together. The calculations are the workings of the engineers design theory for the building control inspectors to check. Our drawings are oniquire from other design company's as all of our drawings are handed over to our engineer and he adds a FREE layout drawing indicating where the steels are going to be placed so to show you ave many steels are ging into your design. This is a great benefit for you as we can get a price from the engineer based on your layout and number of steels being used.

Our engineer does this input in design because 99% of the time he will win the job as he is the cheapest around and all clients go for his services. It’s like a pay as you go service you pay only for the steels which are going in.

1 steel being used? then you only pay for a one beam design.

2 steels being used? then you only pay for two steels being used.

How much are the planning fees and other third party fees?

The council fees are paid by paying an on-line link via the planning portal:

The portal has put into affect a smal payment charge of £20 per application for administration purposes.




NEW BUILD - £462












Please get in contact with us and we will guide you on the best third party company’s out there to use, as we only use the best in service and price. 07838135957.

How long does it take for drawings to be prepared?

We are good in getting drawings over to clients on time. In two weeks you will get a full set of drawings delivered to your door with a surveyor explaining the design in detail. We do not charge for changes to the design so the second meeting with us gets all the revisions highlighted as we comb through the design alter any errors FREE of charge. No design is submitted to the council until we get an instruction from you.

This is your design so we don’t rush in just sending drawings over to the council without getting the perfected design over in a clean manner.

When can someone come out and see us?

We have surveyors running around London on a daily basis, please call us and we will book you in when it is both convenient for both you and our team to carry out a site visit. A measured survey usually takes around one hour and then we need half an hour to go over a design brief on what changes you require to your current house and draw up the proposed extension or loft conversion you are planning to build.

There are so many questions rating to all aspects of planning to building control so please drop us a call and we will get all answers over to you in as much detail and most importantly, CORRECT ADVICE. We get clients calling in daily saying that another Architect has recommended this design for approval!! when this is not the case in 50% of phone conversations we receive. Please do not fall victim of wrong sort advice being given and speak to the experts first. A 20 minute FREE consultation will guide you in the right direction.


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